Thursday, 29 September 2016

Quick Update

I know it’s been awhile, and in all honestly, after this update, it’ll probably be some more time before I’m back again. I am having internet difficult (meaning that I’ve just moved to a new house and they don’t have a phone line, which means no internet but mobile and the reception is horrible).

By the end of October, maybe early November I will be handing DIFFERENT off to my editor. I am hopeful for a JANUARY release date only instead of it being early, I’m noting it’ll probably more towards the end. Which is okay. It’s not like I’m expecting much from it at first being as I have no idea about that side of the industry. I’ve not got…well the internet nor time right this moment in order to actually do the marketing research. I’m going to dump and see what happens and then maybe see what’s needed later on.

Anyway, you’ll get excerpts and such from the book coming in sooner rather than later, but also not before I get the internet back.

Mostly, I wanted to let you know a few plans that are happening over the next year. Or at least plans I have so far, but am liable to change them from month to month.

Under my other pen name (my adult one), I have decided to change directions which is a big deal and will quite honestly bring me more pleasure. I started writing novels and change to publish short stories, only I’m not a short story writer, I’m not a true blue romance writer and therefore I’ve stop kidding myself in that note and I am becoming a fiction writer.

What does that mean for this side? Nothing much I will be writing the same thing here as I was always going to, except in the future my pen names will be writing together. They will have more or a YA flare with a heavy dose of romance, which is where my pen name comes in. so there will be 2 author names on the cover, both those names belong to one person *wink*

It’ll be fun and interesting and I hope I don’t get to much flake as I write some hard core erotic/romance with my other pen name, but I don’t want to create ANYOTHER name for the books that will link them to authors together. That being you read McGee then go to BOTH then onto OTHER. I’ll tell you the name when it actually happens.

I will however be rewriting the snippets that I have from my past that I’d love to write (hence the need for that connection) and see if you guys like them or not.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

First Chapter

Told I was beta editing right, and I know it's still not fully cleaned up but I thought, well it's going to be at least 6 months for you guys to get your hands on the final copy I can show you the first chapter, let yous get a feel for it. Please remember it's still technically in draft, this one would probably be considered 2nd of 3rd. the main thing is that after I finish these edits it'll go to my friend who will edit it as much as she can, then I'll fixed up and accept or whatever and it'll head off the some more beta readers. these ones will have a little more knowledge in the ya or just fantasy fiction market and then one more round for me to check, fix up, accept everything I need to, and THEN it'll head into real editing. I am hoping for only line editing at this point as there shouldn't be left with any plot holes that aren't there by my own making, this means they aren't really plot holes, lol
and yes, I think for people who are more literal in there thinking will see a range of plot holes in this story. Because this is a tail more then the words on the page and some people have trouble seeing that. not that it's there fault or anything. I think it's either the way they think, or going into a story not wanting to actually think about it.
you'll need to think about this one (at least that's the hope *wink*)
Chapter One
Sickness Stunk.
They say you aren’t meant to be able to smell your own stinks. Like because it’s on you, or because you’re used to it you can’t smell it. These people clearly haven’t been sick. And she’s talking real sick. The kind of sick that lingered around a person, one that made you know straight away they weren’t going to be living much longer, even if they ended up around for years.
Michaela swallowed around the dryness in her throat as the smell wafted up around her, making her need to shower and yet she had no energy to care.  
Her head moved on the pillow, the hospital room, the same as every other time she’d been in here, was shadowed with long lengths of darkness cut with sharp edges of bright light, making her head float in and out of reality. She liked to pretend she was in an old school graphic novel, at least if she added a red colour to the shadows, or just left it like it was, really. The shadows were the best, people just walking passed would catch the light and become monsters out to get her.
It was a fun was to deal with her hatred of hospitals, even if she gathered she was allowed the hate as she’d been in one for at least ninety percent of her life. She knew she wasn’t born with leukaemia but it sure as hell felt that way most of the time, especially when she found herself, again, laying on a hard mattress trying to get to sleep while machines beeped around her and tubs tugged at her skin.
And if you weren’t sure what this all meant, she was sick. Like never getting out of hospital sick. Well, that wasn’t true, there was hope, there was always hope and each time she’d been released with the facts that she was clear and free, they’d all smiled as they crossed their fingers and hoped she wouldn’t end up right where she was.
In hospital.
The thing was she didn’t think she was getting out this time. Or not walking.
Kinda depressing and though her mind was one with the reality of facts her body shied away, which in turn made her itch. An irritating itch that sat in the very centre of her back and no matter what she did she couldn’t reach. It tickled and wriggled and made her body ache as she moved, trying to scratch it with the sheets under her. Which in turn pull at her tubbing’s, hurting her more.
Tears pricked up against her eyes, rolling down her cheeks as she shifted her shoulder blade trying to get rid of the itch. It was painful, hard, solid.
Michaela screamed again, her body constantly moving as she tried to get rid of the itch—the pain.
“You okay?” a voice startled Michaela into stillness. She didn’t think she’d ever heard that voice before.
“Ah…” her eyes blinked open, a boy around her age, sat on the end of her bed, his arse on the foot end, feet between her legs. Agile in a way she’d never known anyone to be.
“Are you?” he lifted his brow.
“Ah…?” she cleared her throat. Everything else forgotten. “Itchy—wait, no. who are you?” but her voice didn’t seem interested, she was itchy, she was irritated, she was over everything.  
“You’re not itchy?” the boy smiled.
“No, you’re still itchy?”
“Ugh.” She wriggled against the bed. What the hell was going on?
“You need help.”
“What I need.” her frustration was skyrocketing. Her head filled with the pinpoint pains that covered her body. Of the overall annoyance of being on the bed. Her body lagged, wanting to sink into the nothingness of the world as it pondered if it would wake back up. If it could be bothered.
A hand cupped the back of her head, neck as another ran under her back, cold and solid it found the itch and nails dug deep. Her lips let out a moan as she bowed into the contact. Her eyes fell closed. It was just so good. Her lungs opened wide as she pulled in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Her body relaxing like it never done before, like she’d never been through all the crap she’d, well, been though.
Her skin flushed with heat making her open her eyes and look down at her arm. Forgetting the boy, she didn’t know was still touching her in turn for the wonders of her arm looking like someone else’s. She didn’t even have pictures of herself with that much colour. Or meat on her bones. Michaela had never looked so…heathy. She’d been hospital thin for longer than she could remember, and the suddenness of the change, was jarring.
She felt like she could get up off the bed and walk out the door and not ever look back. She felt normal. Normal…
“I’m Trigger.”
Huh? Oh that’s right, there was someone she didn’t know here. Why couldn’t she bring up enough care to…ah…care?
“You asked who I was.”
“Oh, yeah, Trigger…that can’t be your name.”
“What can I say?” His brow rose and his tilted her head like she was meant to believe a person’s parents would name there child after an object.
“To start with, why are you here? Who are you? Where’d you come from?” she looked up at him, noticing, only as he pulled himself away and her skin shrivelled up to that lovely grey colour that went along with the bed and tubing. Sickness and dying. She went cold. So cold. Colder then she thought she had been before he’d touched her. Goosebumps rose up high and hard, hurting as her bones crunched down on her joints and made her whole body shudder in on itself.
Michaela hated this. She hated everything about it. She didn’t want to be here. Living this horrible life. She wanted out. Out of the life she’d been living. Out of the body that was riddled with sickness. She was sick of hurting just because she spent most of her time laying on a bed. She didn’t want to have the tubes, the wake up calls, the…the…
“Hey,” Trigger hit her leg with something, making her eyes snap to him. “You listening.”
Trigger laughed, it was soft, more a puff but there all the same.
“What do you want Trigger.”
“To take you away.” He sounded so real. So sure. Like what he was saying was the most important things in the universe. Which got her attention.
“I don’t.”
“Don’t think, listen. I can take you away for all this.”
“For how long?”
“A day. Forever.”
Trigger smiled. Lips and teeth. “If you come with me I’ll make you better—just take my hand.” Trigger held said hand out.
Michaela took it.
The world shifted around her. Shifted and twisted as Trigger’s hand tightened on her, pulling her up off the bed. The tubing hurt as it pulled out of her skin. Pulled hard and then disappeared into darkness that surround her.
Her head felt weird. Heavier as she shifted from side to side.
She was reminded of the kid’s shows she watched, the ones where the main character turned into something else. Another creature, a superhero and their bodies were pulled out of the world and transformed into something else completely.
Michaela smiled as she saw her fingers fill out and pinken like it had for those seconds Trigger had touched her. Because that’s what had happened, she saw that clearly now.
She felt better. Felt like she’d never felt before and yet as her body settled the newness washed away—which only took a second—she couldn’t even begin to tell you what she’d felt like before.  It was but a distant memory of a time well before her own.
And we are done. If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment or email me. I'd love your feedback  

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Ok, so this is the frist stage, beta edits. It’s where I go through and read the whole story. Line for line. Easy. Yeah, it’s really not. It takes FOREVER! Really I go through every since line, and I change them, twick them.

I also have to remember what I’ve read, remember it in a way that allows me to see plot holes and all those other little things that need to change. I’m pretty sure I’ve added most of these in the comment section as I’m generally good with plot holes. There might be something there, or people might see what I’ve left out as holes but that doesn’t mean they are ….

Not really the point.

I’ve given myself until the 10th to get this read through finished. I don’t have hit hopes, yesterday I spend all day working on it and only got 11 pages done. And today I…didn’t.

Honestly I hate doing this read through. Hate it more than the read through between this one and before proof reading.

I may not read my enough, because I know some authors that read the whole things every time they get it again, and that’s fine I just don’t. I don’t change anything while in edits but what my editor says needs to change, because I feel that’s just irritating for the editor.

Anyway. Thought you’d like to be kept up to date and this one should be getting highlights as it goes on, which will be soon as the book needs to get into edits before the end of the month if I want to have it printed by Christmas – and I do. It might not coming out into the public by that time, though I’m hoping for a Christmas release date

Anyway, heading back to edits now as I’d like to get at least this chapter done before I call it quits


Friday, 1 July 2016


I know I'm not really set up and completely running yet, I've not even gotten into edits for Different yet, but I've created myself a newsletter for when it happens!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Age Chart

Here’s the thing, I’ve changed my name once because I’m writing something so completely different and we have to protect the kids. This would mean that I have to be careful with what I write. Keep it in an age group. But I’m not going to do that. I can’t. I have 2 names that’s enough. So instead, I’m going to add a colour chart. Each ebook (and the paperback too) will have a banner that shows where it sits on the chat. It will have note at the end with what that colour represents (which means it’ll be part of the blurb). So you’ll know where it sits.

McGee means more actions then romance, but not always, as I’m going to publish a few books under this name that will be the crossover to my other name.

Anyway, here’s the chart:

Monday, 4 April 2016

“An End”

End Tally 54,835/60K

A few extra K might get added, but really I feel that I might take as much as I re-write and therefore will stay the same length as it is now. however I’ve not read it again (even if I’ve already given it to me first beta) and can’t really guarantee anything right now.

Part: “FIRE”
Original: 9,601
New: 12,079

Progress report:  I’m Done! Finally. I’m done. The ending tho the same, is now very different. And overall I believe the full love aspect of the book has been stripped off enough, I hope I’m left a touch so that if you wish you can you add the interest.

Honestly this book is all about perspective. It’s all about what time in your life you’re in, where you are in live, and what you wish it to end. To be. It’s a book I hope can be taken in as different things depending on where you live.

Progress Time: 20/Jan/16 to 5/Apr/16

Chatting:  The last month has been hard; it was almost like I didn’t want to finish the book. Not only have I struggled with RL dramas but whenever I tried to get into writing, I’d be at the 700-1K mark and someone would interrupt, needing my attention. it was getting to a point where I’d think I just didn’t want to finish the story. it’s been a long time since I started this book, since it’s been sitting there. since 2011 and finally today, I finished it. kinda exciting

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Long Weekend Book Haul

So I had to go to the doctors today and ended up having half hour to wait before  heading to that, which, of course, meant a wee visit to the bookshop … here is what I got:

The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis

The Swimmer. The Rebel. The Nerd.

All Ryan, Harley and Miles had in common was Isaac. They lived different lives, had different interests and kept different secrets. But they shared the same best friend. They were sidekicks. And now that Isaac's gone, what does that make them?

Funny enough, coming on Goodreads has proven that it was a good idea to get the next book, or that GR recommendations are something a good thing since another book I got was an “readers also enjoyed” list

Frankie by Shivaun Plozza

Frankie Vega is angry. Just ask the guy whose nose she broke. Or the cop investigating the burglary she witnessed, or her cheating ex-boyfriend or her aunt who's tired of giving second chances...When a kid shows up claiming to be Frankie's half brother, it opens the door to a past she doesn't want to remember. And when that kid goes missing, the only person willing to help is a boy with stupidly blue eyes … and secrets of his own. Frankie's search for the truth might change her life, or cost her everything

Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition by Katie Rain Hill

In her unique, generous, and affecting voice, nineteen-year-old Katie Hill shares her personal journey of undergoing gender reassignment.

Have you ever worried that you'd never be able to live up to your parents' expectations? Have you ever imagined that life would be better if you were just invisible? Have you ever thought you would do anything--anything--to make the teasing stop? Katie Hill had and it nearly tore her apart.

Katie never felt comfortable in her own skin. She realized very young that a serious mistake had been made; she was a girl who had been born in the body of a boy. Suffocating under her peers' bullying and the mounting pressure to be "normal," Katie tried to take her life at the age of eight years old. After several other failed attempts, she finally understood that "Katie"--the girl trapped within her--was determined to live.

In this first-person account, Katie reflects on her pain-filled childhood and the events leading up to the life-changing decision to undergo gender reassignment as a teenager. She reveals the unique challenges she faced while unlearning how to be a boy and shares what it was like to navigate the dating world and experience heartbreak for the first time in a body that matched her gender identity. Told in an unwaveringly honest voice, Rethinking Normal is a coming-of-age story about transcending physical appearances and redefining the parameters of "normalcy" to embody one's true self

And that’s it. Tell me if you wish to learn more about any of the books I bought and I’ll do something with them